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Health facilities within the school premises enhances healthful school environment by ensuring that safety measures are available within the school environment such as; presence of proper water supply, refuse disposal, sewage disposal, quality of school buildings, health inspection, nutrition, rest, recreation, absence of harmful objects and vectors of disease agents. Unsafe school environment such as lack of adequate and safe water supply, poor sanitation facilities, dilapidated school structures, overcrowded and unconducive classrooms have a high negative impact on the health of school students. This study therefore analyses the school clinic facilities in boarding schools in Kano State in Nigeria. A cross sectional descriptive survey design was used for the study. The instrument used for this study was an adapted checklist from School Health Index (SHI) for middle high school.  A sample size of 28 boarding secondary schools was used out of a total of 56 boarding secondary schools in Kano state. Multi stage sampling technique was used to select the 28 boarding secondary schools from the various senatorial districts in Kano state.  The findings from the study revealed that 17 (80.9%) of public boarding secondary schools were rated poor in terms of health facilities (scores < 20) while 4 (80.0%) of private boarding secondary schools had fairly functional health facilities (scores 20-29). The findings of this study showed that the public boarding have more health facilities than the private schools. The study also revealed that physical infrastructures in the secondary health facilities are partially in place (54%) and the equipment in the health facilities in boarding secondary school are partially in place. The study concludes that health facilities in boarding secondary schools in Kano state are poorly equipped with material resources with little improvement in private than in public boarding secondary schools. In this respect, they need to improve on their method of sterilization, waste disposal system and electricity supply to the health facilities. 

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