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Healthcare facilities are dangerous places for acquisition of nosocomial infections. As much as literature abounds
on nosocomial infection in tertiary health care in Nigeria, there is a dearth of information on both secondary and
primary health facilities. This study examines knowledge, utilization of materials and control measures of
nosocomial infections in selected health facilities in Edo State, Nigeria. The study was a descriptive survey Design
carried out in three Health Care Facilities (Primary, Secondary and Tertiary) in Edo State which are Central Hospital
Benin, UBTH and Primary Health Centre Okada. The target population are the health personnel-Nurses and
Doctors working in these Healthcare Facilities. Multi-Stage sampling technique was used to select 330 respondents
from a total of 1293 in this study. The instrument used for this study are Qualitative and quantitative instrument
consisting of three research tools named -key informant interview (KII) guide, observational methods and structured
questionnaire. The method of data analysis includes Quantitative data analyzed using frequency tables, simple
percentages and Chi-square, while qualitative data were analyzed using narration and content analysis. The result
of this study shows that the demographic characteristics of respondents as follows, majority of respondents are
between 30 – 39years, majority are females and are married, majority of respondents are nurses with less than
6years of experience and majority are Christians. Further findings showed that respondents are highly
knowledgeable about the causes of nosocomial infection and nosocomial control measures. Also, this study shows
that the respondents level of utilization of materials and control measures of nosocomial infections was low and
the ones mostly used are making the environment clean and hygienic, use of anti-septic lotion in hand washing,
use of aseptic techniques in invasive procedures, having an effective infection control program, having good lab
back-up and use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as hand gloves, apron, mask etc, but the level of
utilization of hospital policy on infection control is high in selected health facilities in Edo State, Nigeria. Therefore,
this study advocated for encouragement in the utilization of materials and control measures to reduce the incidence
of nosocomial infections in hospitals since

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