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The ravaging coronavirus has brought a huge burden to the health sector, and the nurses, as part of front-line workers, bear part of this burden. Even with this burden, much is yet to be known about the novel coronavirus. This study assessed the knowledge, prevention, and attitude towards coronavirus disease among nursing students in southwest Nigeria. It is
a descriptive quantitative study and a cluster sampling technique was used to select three hundred respondents. The data was collected through an online self-structured q questionnaire with a reliability index of 0.72. The data were analyzed using SPSS 22.0 using descriptive statistics presented as tables and charts while inferential statistics were tested with
Chi-square. The hypotheses of the study were tested at a p=0.05 level of significance. The findings of this study revealed that the mean age of the respondents was 22.16 ± 3.11 years. The respondents are  knowledgeable about coronavirus, with the mean score of above 16.16 ±1.840; The level of prevention of the coronavirus disease is high. Also, the respondents had a positive attitude towards coronavirus disease. Findings also observed that there was no association
between knowledge of coronavirus and the attitude towards it with p=0.401. Also, there was no association between knowledge of coronavirus and prevention of coronavirus disease with p=0.375. It is therefore recommended that nursing students should be encouraged to maintain their level of knowledge, attitude and prevention on corona virus and all other infectious diseases. Nursing students should be given adequate consideration by their institutions and
provided with materials and information for caring in a pandemic situation.

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