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The family is the smallest unit of the society and the
goal of its health is for optimal functioning of the
individual members. Family health is more than
the personal health of the individual member of
the family. Family influences health of its members
through genetic, shared physical and social
environment. Maternal and child state of health is
influenced by the family system stability. A family’s
physical, emotional, social, mental and financial
health influences the health of the mother, children
and unborn child. Assessment of a family health
through comprehensive history taking exposes the
clouds arising from the family members that
surrounds and affects the woman and her children
and unborn child. It is noteworthy that health
workers should strategize and reinforce positive
responses among women to help them adjust to
any stage of their development.It is recommended
that health care professionals should treat families
as partners in healthcare and also view
individuals as a whole and member of family and
larger social environment.

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