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Beyond the shortfall in health workforce, the Nigerian health sector has particularly experienced a number of other lingering crises such as lack of teamwork among health workers, lack of team satisfaction among health workers, lack of proper communication between team, fairness in the treatment of employee which has affected the service delivery to patients in recent times. One of the factors that promote successful and effectiveness of health organizations or institutions is collaborative practice or teamwork among health professionals. This study investigates the factors influencing teamwork performance among health workers in university college hospital, Ibadan. A crosssectional research design was adopted. The target population for this study are health workers in University College Hospital, Ibadan and a simple random technique was used to select 413 respondents. Questionnaire was used as an instrument for this study with reliability index of 0.79. Hypotheses were tested using Pearson correlation analysis. In this study, The findings of this studies revealed that Organizational structure (r =0.33; p<0.001), team trust (r = 0.29; p<0.001), team cohesion (r = 0.10; p<0.05) and team communication (r = 0.12; p<0.001) are positively correlated with teamwork performance. Job satisfaction is the only factor that is not found to influence teamwork among the population studied. Based on the findings of study, it is recommended that health institutions should implement plan and implement strategies to update health workers on the important of good
communication, team cohesion and team trust among health workers, also to improve on the organizational structure, to promote harmonious relationship among health professionals and a proper reward system should be put in place for health workers to enhance job satisfaction.

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