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Conducive environment for sleep in a hospital is a big challenge. Patients may appear to sleep in hospitals whereas they are not actually getting quality sleep. The aim of this study therefore is to determine the factors that influence patients’ sleep in a tertiary health institution. It employed a cross-sectional descriptive survey design, and 168 respondents were selected through simple random sampling technique. The instrument used was a well-structured questionnaire which assessed the quality of the factors influencing sleep and methods used to promote quality sleep. The IBM Statistical Package for the Social Sciences version 21.0 was employed for the data analysis. The data was analysed using descriptive and inferential statistics and the level of significance was set at 0.05. The result reveals that majority of the respondents have poor quality of sleep. This study further indicates that factors influencing sleep are excessive lighting, organic disorders (2.81), fear and
concern (2.63), and nursing routine (2.63). Lastly, the study also shows that the methods used to promote sleep for the respondents in the tertiary health institution under study include: treatment of acute illness 159 (94.6%), assessing and treat underlying issues 131(78.0). The result of the hypothesis tested revealed that there is no significant difference between patients’ gender and sleep quality. In conclusion, the sleep quality of patients in the hospital is poor. The major approach
by which respondents promote sleep is treating acute illness and the minor way is by ventilator mode. It recommends that procedures and nursing care plans must be organized as much as possible each day to eliminate the interruption of patients’ sleep at night. Nurses being in the first place in the health care team should be more sensitive to sleep disturbances and associated factors that affect sleep

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  • sleep, patient, organic disorders, fear and concern
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