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This study explores the cigarette smoking habit
among undergraduates of Ahmadu Bello
University (ABU), Zaria. A descriptive design
was adopted for this study and the target
population of study consists of female and male
undergraduate students of Nursing Department in
A.B.U Zaria. The sample size for this study was
200 and the instrument used was a self- developed
questionnaire through Likert scale. The reliability
coefficient score of the instrument yielded a
Cronbach alpha score of 0.85. The data was
analyzed through simple frequencies and tables.
The result of this study revealed that the
respondents’ perception of students towards
cigarette smoking is positive but the level of
cigarettes smoking among undergraduates is low.
The study further observed the cause of cigarette
smoking among the respondents was that it was
seen as a way of life. Lastly, All respondents are
very much aware of the negative effects of
cigarette smoking in which they consider cancer
as the common health problem. It is therefore
recommended that tobacco awareness programs
should continue to target young adults as an at risk population, and that health care training
programs should place a greater emphasis on
tobacco cessation. Secondly, students should be
encouraged to make smoke freeways such as
meditation, a sip of tea, and anti-smoking
socialization habits such as e-cigs are an easy
alternative, or even holding something like a
pencil or a bottle of water to relax, and avoidance
of places and situations that predisposes to
cigarette smoking can help the situation here.

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