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This study examined the knowledge of risk factors and
preventive practices of hypertension among office
workers in Yenagoa Local Government Area Council of
Bayelsa State, Nigeria. The research design adopted for
this study was descriptive survey design. Stratified
random sampling technique was employed to select 269
out of the total population of 1,341 office workers. The
instrument used was a self-developed questionnaire with
a reliability coefficient of 0.70. The findings of the study
revealed that: Majority of the respondents are
knowledgeable about the risk factors on hypertension
but the respondents’ preventive practice level was
slightly below average because out of ten preventive
practices listed only four were practiced. These include
going regularly for check up of health status in the
hospital, not drinking alcohol, eating low salt diet
among others. It was recommended that, patients’
education by physician and other health practioners is
very important.

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