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This study examined the relationship between stress
management mechanisms and Job performance among
lecturers’ in Kwara State College of Education. A
descriptive research design was adopted for this study.
Three hundred and sixty-nine (369) respondents were
selected through stratified sampling technique. Data were
collected with the use of questionnaires titled: “Stress
Management Mechanisms Assessment Questionnaire”
(SMMAQ) and “Lecturers’ Job Performance Assessment
Questionnaire” (LJPAQ). Data collected were
statistically treated with descriptive and inferential
statistics such as mean, standard deviation, Pearson
Product Moment Correlation Coefficient tests and
Regression Analysis. The findings of the study revealed
that: physiological focused individual coping mechanisms
(â = 0.736, t cal. =14.05, p <0.001) has a significant
positive contribution to lecturers’ job performance. The
study further revealed that job-related organizational
stress management mechanisms showed an insignificant
positive contribution to lecturers’ job performance (â = –
0.038, t cal.= -1.21, p=0.196, p>0.05). The study
concluded that there is a significant relationship between
stress management mechanisms and lecturers job
performance in Kwara State colleges of education. Based
on the conclusion, we recommended that the College
management should make provision for physiological
needs necessary for staff motivation and the lecturers
should adopt various coping mechanisms in order to
enhance their performance at work place.

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