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The gap in performance between students and academic
excellence constitute a great source of worry and serious
concern as well as discomfort to both parents, school
administrators, and policymakers responsible for the
education of students in secondary school. The study
adopted a correlational study design and sampled 161
students. The instrument used in this study was a self-developed
questionnaire. Three hypotheses were tested.
Findings revealed that 78.2% of the parents of a student of
government school were of low socio-economic status
while 50% of the parents of students of a private school
were of an average socio-economic status. Further
findings revealed that a good number of students 38.6%
from the government, the school had low academic performance
while most students 63.3% from the private school had a
very high academic performance. Lastly, findings
showed that parents income had an influence on the
academic performance of students.

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