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Vesico Vaginal Fistular (VVF) affects numerous girls
and women every day. The injury leaves women with few
opportunities to earn a living and many have to rely on
others to survive or turn to beg or engaged in
commercial sex services. In some communities in
Nigeria are not allowed to have anything to do with
food production and may be excluded from prayers or
other religious observances. This study aims at
identifying the economic strategies adopted by the VVF
patients in Nigeria and to find out the significance of
demographic characteristics on the adoption of the
coping strategies among patients. An expose-facto
the research design was adopted and using 250 VVF
patients in 4 centers across Nigeria as respondents. The
data was obtained using a structured questionnaire
developed on a 4-point Likert scale. The results revealed
that respondents, do not have adequate economic
strategies for reducing the impact of the disease with an
the aggregate mean score for the table as 2.29 lower than the
2.5 level of agreement. But differences in age and
education have a significant influence on the adoption of
the coping strategies among the patients. It was
therefore recommended that there is the need for
creation of economic opportunities through
empowerment in vocational programmes by agencies to
boost the income of women with VVF

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