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Breast cancer, though a disease that affects the breast
tissues of both women and men are more prevalent in
women. The study aimed to determine knowledge and
the practice of breast-self-examination among female youth
Corpers in Lokoja, Kogi State, Nigeria, and identity
their awareness of early signs of the disease as a
preventive measure. A descriptive survey research
the design was used to assess the knowledge of 310 female
youth Corpers during their service year in 2016 in
Lokoja using the convenient sampling method.
Descriptive statistics and hypothesis testing at 0.05df
were conducted with X2. Results showed that all
respondent 310 (100%) have heard of the concept of
breast-self-examination, while 296(95.5%) believe it
can be treated if detected early. However, 300(96.8%)
opined that the presence of lumps, swelling, and pains in
the breast are signs of breast cancer, but 10(3.2%) do not
know. It is recommended that health education modules
should be included in the secondary and university
education and made compulsory irrespective of faculty
as well as free testing sites for all women of childbearing

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