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Maternal mortality in Nigeria is second only to that of India. Nigeria accounts for only 2 percent of the world’s
population but accounts for up to 10 percent of the
maternal mortality rates. This study examined birth
preparedness and complication readiness in Amassoma
the community of Southern Ijaw Local Government Area,
Bayelsa State. A descriptive survey design was employed
and the target population of this study was booked
antenatal mothers in Amassoma general hospital,
Bayelsa State. A convenient sampling technique was
used to select the respondents for the study. The
an instrument for this study was a self-structured
a questionnaire developed by the researcher with a
the coefficient of 0.83 showing that the instrument is
reliable. The statistics used for data analysis include
frequencies and percentages. The result of the study
showed that the respondents were not prepared for the birth
and not ready for complications and factors influencing
birth preparedness and complication readiness among
respondents are lack of money (98.8%) bad roads to
health facilities(88.7%) lack of husband support
(88.8%) location of the hospital far away from home
(97.5%) inexperience health workers (88.7%) and lack
of family and community support (66.3%).The study
revealed that majority of the respondents 50(62.5%)
started preparing for birth and delivery from 7-9 months
of pregnancy, these findings have shown late preparation
of birth preparedness and complication readiness this
has amounted to the result that showed most of the respondents
64(80%) have not made provision for birth partner,
78(97.5%) have not made arrangement for blood donor
and 52(65%) have not made arrangement for finance as
the time of responses. It is recommended that
professional nurses play a key role in BP and CR to
reduce maternal mortality and morbidity as a result of
obstetric emergencies and complications and its
socioeconomic effect.

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