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Birth preparedness is a comprehensive strategy to
improve the use of skilled providers at birth and the key
intervention to decrease maternal mortality. The aim of
this work was to assess the level of birth preparedness
among pregnant women attending Primary Health
Cares in Zaria Metropolis. A quasi-experimental design
was adopted. A questionnaire was administered to 160
respondents divided into two groups: (80) for the
experimental group and control (80) groups. The
analysis revealed that there were significant differences
in the knowledge level of respondents on birth
preparedness in the study group and the control group.
The level of respondents who have good knowledge from
the study group increased from 20 (25.0 %) before
intervention to 61(76.3 %) after intervention (P =
0.001). The independent sample t-test on the level of birth
preparedness showed that the observed t-calculated (-
7.586) is greater than the t-critical (1.96) at the
probability level of significance of 0.001 (P < 0.05).
Thus, we concluded that health education has an effect
on pregnant women’s knowledge of birth preparedness.

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